Wednesday, 3 August 2011

New to this!

I have never ever blogged in my life before. Well I say that, but is suppose the likes of Facebook and Twitter are like continual mini blogs? Anyway, I thought maybe this would help me make some sense of my jumbled up life, as it seems to me to be at the moment. 

From the outside it would look like my life is pretty good. I have beautiful 5 year old twins (one boy, one girl, what more could I ask for?), a good husband, a house, a car, a job (maybe not a job that makes me happy) and a big extended family. I don't have a terminal or chronic illness, neither does my children or hubby; I don't have a criminal record, bailiffs knocking at the door, bad neighbours, or anything else that could make me feel unhappy; so why do I feel, well, blah lately? Maybe this and anyone who is interested or wishes to comment can knock some sense into me!?!